litigation support

An analytical approach to reaching successful financial compensation agreements.
A specialist service for solicitors when a claim for financial compensation is at issue.

Typically, cases may involve:

  • accusations of fraud
  • death or personal injury
  • professional or medical negligence
  • loss of earnings or profits
  • loss of property or personal possessions
  • the breakdown of a business relationship
  • the breakdown of a marriage
  • valuation disputes

Litigation, disputes and the potential threat of court action can be very stressful and distressing for the individuals involved - we are conscious of the need to complete our work as swiftly and discreetly as possible, particularly with a view to aiding out of court settlements.

In doing this work we adopt a detailed and inquisitive approach to our research in order to spot anomalies and identify weakness in any disclosures; we adopt a creative approach to seeking out and resolving the financial facts of the matter.

Our litigation specialists also involve our corporate finance and tax consultancy teams when appropriate.

Whether the case involves someone making or defending a claim we can assist with:

  • investigating and assessing the financial position of the individuals or companies involved
  • quantifying loss and liability
  • advising on the documents which are required to support the legal discovery,
  • briefing the legal team on the financial aspects and intricacies of the case
  • preparing expert reports
  • assisting with settlement negotiations
  • appearing as an expert witness in court to give evidence