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Corporate finance

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Business growth, increasing profitability, attracting investors and selling a company all have one thing in common. With it, growth, as an example, will happen smoothly and will be safe from sudden or unforeseen circumstances destroying your plans. Meanwhile, potential investors and buyers will be reassured that your organisation is a safe investment that will bring back healthy returns. That thing in common? Corporate finance.

Creating a plan for and staying on top of corporate finance requires a keen, professional eye and the ability to react to the markets to build an appropriate and flexible structure. It requires a heavy hand in cashflow control, rigorous planning for well-thought-out and affordable loans, and fiscal responsibility. Without one, you’ve essentially one oar in the water whether you’re looking to grow the company, improve profitability or increase its reputation and value.

With Pearson May, you’ll be on the way to building a finance structure that suits you and your aims. We believe a planned and proactive approach to finance is required to maximise your position in the market and stick to deadlines, so our clients are continuously receiving updates and support.

While a corporate finance structure should increase the value of your company, you need a way to communicate that to investors and buyers. We can help here too, by evaluating your tangible and liquid assets, cashflow, profits, reputation and, of course, your corporate finance.

Once we’ve arrived at an accurate valuation, we can help you in meeting with potential buyers to get the best possible deal for you, and with investors, if they need that extra bit of encouragement.

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