International for individuals

International for individuals

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If you’ve moved to the UK from abroad, your struggle with the tax regime is twofold. First, it’s a totally different regime than you’re used to. Second, there are different rules for internationals compared to UK-born citizens. But there’s no need to learn everything from scratch by yourself.

Our team of tax experts will help you understand all your responsibilities so you don’t get in trouble with HMRC. If you’ve just arrived, we’ll help you understand everything you need to know and help you complete any tax work you might need to do.

Crucial to your tax treatment is understanding whether you’re a UK resident and if you’re domiciled in the UK. This impacts how income that you bring into the country from foreign sources is taxed.

If you’re a landlord, you’ll also need to be aware of the implications the stamp duty surcharge on properties may have on you. Landlords living outside of the UK will also have to be sure to declare any income to HMRC through a self-assessment tax return, but only once they’ve had an approved non-resident landlord application from the Government.

If you are leaving the UK, then we can help you to understand any continuing UK tax liabilities, help with pre-departure planning and provide helpful advice on your residence status.

We’ll be on hand to help you out, wherever you need our support most.


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