Securing your assets

If you are planning to leave money or assets to a beneficiary, trusts can be an incredibly useful vehicle to do so. 

There are various reasons you might choose to set up a trust: it could be as part of your will, to securely pass on an inheritance, or you might want to provide for somebody who is unable to handle their financial affairs directly.

In many cases, trusts will allow you to control and protect money or assets as you transfer them to a beneficiary. They can also be a very tax-efficient way to provide for your family in the future, as the money you put into a trust no longer forms a part of your estate for inheritance tax purposes.

It’s essential that you set up the trust in the right way, however, and that you understand both the terms of the arrangement and its potential tax implications.

At Pearson May, we can provide professional, expert advice on arranging the right type of trust for your purposes and circumstances.

We can also advise on the preparation of your will, help you create an effective inheritance tax and estate plan, administer your estate according to your wishes, and manage the process of probate.

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