Inheritance tax and estate planning

Inheritance tax and estate planning

Minimising your liabilities

To secure a comfortable future for your loved ones, it’s important to plan well in advance.

The earlier you review your estate and consider the implications of inheritance tax, the greater your chances of passing on more of your hard-earned wealth to the people you choose.

As well as considering the amount you pass on to your family and friends, you should also make provisions for yourself and your immediate family during your later years, should any medical or care needs arise.

Preparing for these two priorities is a delicate balance to strike – one that requires care, foresight, and detailed knowledge of the inheritance tax system.

At Pearson May, we pride ourselves in providing a personal and reliable service to all of our clients throughout the entirety of their lives, including planning for later life and inheritance.

As part of our inheritance tax and estate planning service, we can:

  • help with planning and reviewing your will
  • making full use of allowances and exemptions and lower tax rates on lifetime transfers
  • optimise lifetime transfers between spouses
  • advise on transferring agricultural or business property
  • advise on transferring assets into trusts
  • arrange life assurance cover for any inheritance tax liabilities.

We also offer probate and estate administration services and can either act as executors of your estate or support the executors you choose.

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