Professional payroll assistance

Every employee in the country deserves to be paid the right amount on time, much in the same way as a business deserves to be. Fail in that duty, and you’ll have an unhappy HMRC and team breathing down your neck – pressure that you don’t need while running and managing your organisation.

Pearson May is here to provide any assistance you need in managing payroll. Whether that’s providing reassurance that your calculations are correct or setting up and running your entire PAYE for you, we’ll be by your side to help.

We’ll tackle pay calculations and deductions, smartly administer pension contributions and professionally answer any queries from your staff and HMRC. We’re no designers, but we can even provide your staff’s payslips.

Without wanting to tell you your business, it’s easy to underestimate how complicated payroll calculations can be. Different salaries, terms and conditions, benefits, student loan repayments, child maintenance, sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay and more. Don’t go it all alone; make the smart choice and get some well-managed and administered assistance.

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