Corporate taxation

Corporate taxation

A safe pair of hands

If you run a limited company, you must submit a corporation tax return to HMRC every year, even if you haven’t made a profit and there is no tax to pay. It’s incredibly important to get your returns right – otherwise, even a small mistake or oversight can lead to you paying too much tax. And, with the plethora of documentation that is needed to get an accurate corporate tax return complete, the process is complicated at its very best.

With professional help from the team at Pearson May, you can get back to business safely in the knowledge your tax affairs are being handled by a qualified expert.

We’ll keep you up to date on your profit and loss sheets, prepare the returns themselves and help you claim reliefs and allowances to reduce tax liabilities. And if HMRC raises its head with queries, don’t worry, we’ll answer those too.

Claiming reliefs, such as R&D tax credits, is especially important, as this gives you the opportunity to retain more capital in the company for you to do with as you see fit, from reinvestment to remuneration. With smart bookkeeping, we can also reduce your tax liability by deducting the value of your business expenses from your profit before tax is calculated. Get in touch with us to get started.


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