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For many businesses, audits are required by law, but they can sometimes be a disruptive and stressful process. However, when done properly, they can be a valuable asset to your business.

Pearson May provides a thorough, efficient audit service that aims to be as unobtrusive to clients as possible. We strive to transform the annual audit by not only helping you to meet requirements but by taking it as an opportunity to help you further understand and improve your business performance.

An audit is a thorough review of a business’s financial performance. It involves ensuring that businesses keep accurate financial records and are compliant with accounting standards. 

While audits are compulsory for some organisations, our experienced team also conducts voluntary audits. Many small business owners undergo a voluntary audit to reassure investors or simply to identify issues within their organisation.

Whether you undergo a statutory, voluntary or independent audit, Pearson May is by your side. Our experienced auditors leave no stone unturned, taking the opportunity to use what they learn to give you valuable insights into your business’s finances.

We are registered to carry on audit work in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Details of our audit registration can be viewed at, under reference number C005360407

Audit Regulations can be accessed at

APB Ethical Standards can be accessed at

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