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Value-added tax (VAT) is one of the most complex aspects of the UK tax system. While it’s technically a tax on consumers and not businesses, it puts a huge burden on you regardless. In essence, by paying HMRC VAT, you effectively act as a tax collector on behalf of the Government, putting a lot of pressure on you for little gain. But that’s just how the dice roll.

All the while, the scope of VAT is constantly widening with a constant stream of changes to regulations that are often so complicated they often have to be decided at a tribunal.

Then come VAT schemes, and the VAT returns themselves. Knowing when to register and deregister is particularly relevant because while voluntarily registering will ramp up your administration, you might benefit from a higher cashflow and the opportunity to reclaim VAT suffered on your purchases.

Expert advice and practical support from Pearson May will make managing all this technical VAT talk far easier and less stressful. We’ll get the details right, so you never have to worry about a mistake costing your business money.

We’ll provide VAT advice, too, so you can benefit from VAT planning and administration, understand the most appropriate VAT scheme for your business and avoid conflict with HMRC. Get in touch for all the help with VAT you could need.

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