We like to look after our clients from the cradle to the grave, and now that includes Probate and Estate Administration upon death. When someone dies it can be a stressful and difficult time and we hope that, by offering such a service we can help ease the situation as we already have a detailed knowledge of our client’s affairs.

A complex part of applying for probate is calculating and reporting the Inheritance Tax to HMRC. With high rates of Inheritance Tax and complex rules for obtaining some available reliefs, it is easy to pay more tax than is required or cause undue delays in obtaining a Grant whilst HMRC query the forms.

We can add value by ensuring the relevant reliefs are claimed and that the calculations and forms submitted are correct. This can be particularly helpful whilst you are trying to adapt and cope with the loss of a loved one.

Whether you would like us to manage the whole application or just to assist with the Inheritance Tax calculation and forms, we are happy to help.

For further details about our charges and timescales for this service, please see our case studies.

Additionally, we can assist with the Estate Administration and advise on aspects of tax planning to consider for a surviving spouse/civil partner and the beneficiaries.