Lack of awareness hinders public sustainable investments

A lack of awareness and support hinders the public from making sustainable investments, according to a new survey from the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF).

Despite 69% of those surveyed expressing discomfort with investments negatively affecting the environment, 69% of respondents with financial advisors or employers are unaware of available environmentally sustainable financial products.

This results in 58% of individuals being unsure of the environmental sustainability of their investments. Additionally, 70% are uncomfortable with their savings or pensions being invested in companies with poor treatment of their workers, customers and society.

James Alexander, UKSIF CEO, said:

"The majority of the public does not want their investments and pensions savings being used to negatively harm the environment and climate, or lead to poor working conditions.

"There is clearly a need for employers, financial advisers, and all groups across the investment chain to do more to help their employees and clients take advantage of investments in those products that reflect their values, support the net-zero transition, and deliver good returns.

"We would also like to see financial advisers given the support they need to give their clients meaningful advice on how to invest in a sustainable manner."

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