Our Philosophy

Pearson May originated in 1841 - a period of great change and innovation, just like today. It was the year Isambard Kingdom Brunel opened his Great Western Railway and this was to revolutionise communications between London and the West Country and onwards to the States. More than 175 years later Pearson May remain at the forefront of change and from our roots in Bath and West Wiltshire, we are pioneers in Business and Personal Advisory Services, and the whole ethos of the firm is built around Client Care. We are more than just Chartered Accountants, we are focused on helping our clients build and retain wealth.

In the best relationships the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. At Pearson May we are dedicated to adding value to our business relationships so that our clients receive maximum benefit from our advice and services. Pearson May always strive to combine the best of the old with the best of the new. Above all else, the client is always number one. With offices in Bath, Chippenham and Trowbridge we are ideally positioned to provide you with the personal attention you demand.

Our Approach To Business

At Pearson May our aim is to help our clients realise their personal and business goals. We believe in a planned and proactive approach in order to maximise income and minimise tax, which in turn will help you to create and retain more wealth.

Quick Response

We appreciate that our clients require prompt attention and we expect to deliver effectively and on time. We encourage our clients to agree deadlines. This helps us to both plan our work and keep costs down.

Client Confidence

We are a leading practice with a long-standing professional reputation and you can be confident that we will always put your interests first. As an independent firm of Chartered Accountants we provide an unbiased opinion in respect of all aspects of your affairs.

Our Style

We achieve our high quality cost effective service by providing you with the correct mix of experience and expertise.

Your principal contact will always be a partner who has overall responsibility for your affairs. Partners and staff share a commitment to excellence in everything we do and forge close working relationships with clients and your other professional advisors.

Our policy of always being accessible to our clients means that you should always find us available when you need us. By encouraging clients to regularly discuss their business with us, we are better placed to identify opportunities and risks. But we do not always wait for you to talk to us; we keep in touch through regular newsletters and special interest papers. Also, most importantly, regardless of the kind of work we do for you, we always have your wider interests at heart. When we come across something we think would help or benefit you - we will talk to you about it.

Adding value can be defined as the difference between simply doing a job of work well, and creating real client benefit.

When choosing a firm of Chartered Accountants you will be looking for a team who can add value to your finances, not just for today, but also into the future - whatever lies in store.

At Pearson May we believe that adaptability, flexibility and client care are central to the evaluation of a highly successful working partnership - we would be delighted to be of service.

Extensive Contacts

Through over 175 years of successful practice, Pearson May has built a solid and influential contact base locally, in the City and Offshore.

Clients benefit from the firm's extensive connections and introductions are arranged if required with bankers, brokers, solicitors and other professional advisers with complementary skills.