International Services

No man is an island; and these days few businesses are. Rapid globalisation, the growing importance of the EU, and the burgeoning growth of the Internet as a business medium are all conspiring to add an international dimension to UK businesses.

Trading with overseas companies, selling to overseas markets, and setting up overseas operations all require expert knowledge. We can help you:

  • Set up accounting procedures for dealing with the Euro or other currencies
  • Determine the best business structure for tax purposes
  • Reduce your overseas tax burden
  • Develop strategies for financing overseas subsidiaries
  • Repatriate profits at minimum tax cost

International Taxation

In an increasing global marketplace businesses and individuals must carefully plan their overseas transactions. We can assist in this process by providing guidance in the following areas:

  • Minimisation of overseas taxes
  • Transfer pricing
  • Structuring overseas deals

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Businesses which build up trade in overseas markets have a whole new set of tax laws to deal with. Initially products or services may be delivered from a base in the UK, but, as momentum builds, it may be necessary to consider the creation of permanent base in other countries. We can help with decisions such as whether a branch of the UK company, an overseas subsidiary of the UK company or a separate stand-alone overseas company is the best alternative.


Individuals, particularly those who are resident in the UK, but not domiciled in the UK, may benefit enormously from holding assets in an offshore trust. Other individuals who are domiciled in the UK, but are living overseas for a period of time, will also have tax planning opportunities available. We can provide the appropriate advice.