Employees lack access to digital services

Less than half of employees think they are able to do their jobs properly due to insufficient access to digital technology, according to a survey by Fujitsu.

The technology company surveyed more than 1,400 employees across key economic sectors and found that just 45% think they have the access to technology needed to do their jobs. 29% said that poor quality digital services were having a negative impact on their performance at work.

While the research found that 67% of workers agreed that it was up to their employer to invest in new technologies, it also identified a number of barriers to businesses delivering effective digital solutions:

  • 50% of employees said they weren't trained enough to make full use of new technology
  • 42% aren't aware of the digital services available
  • 33% said it they thought it would be quicker to avoid using technology.

Michael Keegan, chief executive of Fujitsu UK and Ireland, said:

"This research suggests that employees have been left behind in the race to deliver digital.
"Now is the time for these organisations to integrate their digital offering front and back of house to capitalise on the opportunities available. When staff are as enabled as their customers, organisations will truly reap the financial and efficiency rewards of a digital first business."

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