Businesses’ demand for digital skills tipped to ‘skyrocket’

Businesses could face an increasing talent gap in the coming years as demand for digital skills continues to rise.

A report by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) found that .67% of UK businesses currently have unfilled digital vacancies, and 95% expect their demand for digital skills to grow.

Among smaller businesses, 69% say their digital skills needs are likely to peak over the next year or two.

To tackle the gap, the CBI said the Government should set a target for the entire UK workforce to have basic digital skills by 2025.

It also recommended that businesses should better understand their digital skills needs, and that digital skills should be at the heart of the Government's national retraining scheme.

Matthew Fell, chief UK policy director at the CBI, said:

"Digital skills are absolutely fundamental to getting people ready for the future of work and helping companies make the most of the opportunities technology brings.

"It's essential we tackle the UK's digital skills crunch now to remain internationally competitive, and promote the UK as the number one place for businesses to invest."

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